Say No to Child Labour!
Say No to Child Labour!

We, at Educo, are committed to ending child labour

            At Educo, we believe that Education and Participation are children’s human rights and are also an opportunity to change societies.

            We think that we have to go to the root of problems to find solutions that help cure them. Child labor is one such violation of children’s

            rights and devoid them of all joys and opportunities. Educo is committed to eradicating child labor from India and ensuring that children

            grow up safe and happy. And we are counting on you to achieve this! 

Say no to child labour ||  Campaign by Educo

                        Launched at the end of 2021, the SAY NO TO CHILD LABOUR campaign by Educo aims to mobilize support for ending the exploitation in the form of child labor. The virtual campaign envisions bringing together stakeholders from all walks of life to lend their voices in support of children.

Only an aware and responsible society can protect its children and through the campaign, Educo is aiming at building and strengthening such a society. We are collaborating with governments, NGOs, networks and coalitions, educational institutions, corporates, and civil society at large to amplify the collective voice against child labor.

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We dream for every child to be in school, not at work!


            Child labor exists for various reasons. Parents, despite knowing how it stops their children from living their childhoods,

are forced to send children to work due to abject poverty. The criminalization of such communities or children is not the solution.

   Civil society organizations, individuals, and the government need to join hands to ensure that communities are protected,

and children get opportunities to access education.

Our approach to end child labour

-- Quality and equitable education

-- Creating and strengthening platforms and mechanisms for children to participate and voice their concerns actively

-- Linking communities with social welfare schemes for social and economic empowerment

-- Partnerships with government, NGOs and civil society for community development, focusing on child wellbeing

-- Education from roots - working to spread awareness at all levels to ensure children's protection

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